NC Technologies is a multitasking reality made up of highly trained and specialized personnel.

NC Technologies mission consists in the integrated research of advanced analytical procedures for Organic Elemental Analysis, applied to energy, environmental and industrial sectors.

NC Technologies is an expert in the field of elemental analysis thanks to the great experience in the sector. NC Technologies develops new techniques and new technologies in order to produce increasingly reliable, durable and modern elemental analyzers. In addition, the equipment can be connected to stable isotope characterization systems (IRMS), to complete the analytical platform.

NC Technologies is also involved in the biomass sector. NC Technologies is a leader in the construction of the respirometer and in the technique of determining the dynamic respirometric index. Thanks to a multi-year collaboration (more than 20 years) with the University of Milan, the technique and technology have been refined to the best.

The challenge of NC Technologies is to always keep up with the latest technologies made available by the market in order to give to final customer the best quality and assistance, both technical, analytical and commercial.

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