Check in this page all the main Elemental Analyzers accessories.

Find in details the accessories to complete your instrument.

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All samplers can be connected to every models. The ECS models can be customized in order to be connected to every sampler. You can decide, in accordance to your needs and analysis, which sampler is more suitable.

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Pneumatic Autosampler
  • The most used sampler: Pneumatic Autosampler PN150
  • Pneumatic sampler activated by compressed air
  • Standard carousel with 50 positions; upgradeable to 147 positions.

Zero Blank Autosampler
  • The extra fine model of sampler: the Zero Blank Autosampler
  • Electronic sampler directly connected to the instrument and software
  • Standard carousel with 50 positions; 100 and 32 positions carousels also available

Manual Sampler
  • The easiest sampler: Manual Sampler
  • Manual sampler is the cheapest model between sampler
  • Manual injection of capsules and samples

Small size sampling kit

  • For small amount of samples
  • Liquid and solid samples


Big size sampling kit

  • For huge amount of sample
  • Liquid and solid samples

Deluxe sampling kit

  • For every amount of sample
  • Special capsules locking device
  • Liquid and solid samples